Contact Us

Questions, comments, help, ban appeals? No problem, here is how to contact our admin team.

Server Suggestions and Comments

Have ideas on how to improve our community and server? Visit us on Discord and post your thoughts in the #Server-Suggestions channel. We review and discuss on this channel regularly.


Need something answered? Talk to any one of our community members with a green, blue, or red username in Discord or on the server and we can help you out. You can also email us at


Need help from a staff member right away? Join us on Discord and mention @staff for assistance.

Ban Appeals

If you believe you were wrongly banned or ready to make amends, you can send your ban appeals to and we will review your case. Once we have reviewed your appeal, you will receive a notification if it was accepted or not. Do not send more than 1 appeal every year. If we receive more than 1, your application will be terminated until the next year.